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Our histories

Private own company

Luxury Spirits Packaging

General overview of the group by producing the consolidated accounts and Business plan

Acquisition of a strategic supplier

Research and sell the whole group to an industrial partner to back up the growth

Food packaging

Set up management team of a next size level

Internal leadership Journey

Sell Out to a PE for a non-leadership into the family

Support the buy and build strategy design with the PE

Investment holding

Investment plan

Change of control for governance transformation plan

Add culture of investment by performance

Set up a system tool for protect the BoD from claim by shareholders

Marketplace system integrator

Re-design the business model and the Value proposition

Implement Accounting Control, BI and related tools to perform monthly closing and related reporting package

Open the Capital to a PE to support the growth

Task to IPO in 3 years

Plastic Injection Molding Group

Group Analysis

Transform the group in an investment holding Ready for owner retirement

Plan the disinvestment on the operative companies

Sell the first one to primarily automotive group

The other two are in progress now

Large B2B Supplier

Requirement of succession withing different parts of a big family

Design the strategy and implement

Now the sole owner and CEO drive the group

Private Equity

250M Found

Strategic and Operation Due diligence to design an operational manual of the CEO in order to allow the PE to Execute a value adding process from they 1 after acquisition

50M found Quoted

Follow the growth strategy for one of their investments, design the Business model and the value proposition